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Sustainability with Nourish'd

Nourish'd promises to use sustainable ways to get fresh food delivered to your door. We have strategies in place to reduce food waste, increase the use of recycled packaging and decrease our delivery emissions. Read how we are making our mark here.

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How does Nourish'd do sustainability?

Fully Recyclable Delivery Boxes

We moved from styrofoam to fully recyclable cardboard boxes.

100% Recyclable Meal Containers

Our meal containers are 100% recyclable when put in your at home recycling bin. Don't forget to wash the containers!

Responsible Insulin Liners

Insulation liners that are part of the Red Cycle Program– a recovery program for soft plastics to redirect them from landfill into the circular economy (click here to see your closest Red Cycle drop off).

No Air Shipment

Nourish'd has stopped air freighting products across the country. Our meals may take longer to get to you, but the net carbon emissions of road travel are significantly lower than air.

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How to recycle your Nourish'd Box

See how you can help reduce your environmental impact by recycling your Nourish'd packaging the correct way. Small acts of sustainability can be done every day to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Ranging between 1300 kilojoules (332 calories) and 1700 kilojoules (420 calories) and are well suited to females with a limited to medium level of physical activity each week.


Ranging between 1900 kilojoules (475 calories) and 2400 kilojoules (600 calories), the Large size meals are recommended for Men with a limited to medium level of physical activity each week. Women that take part in high levels of phyiscal activity.


Ranging between 2500 kilojoules (618 calories) and 3100 kilojoules (780 calories), the Athlete size meals are recommended for Men/Women that take part in high levels of physical activity each week.