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What's the Deal with Sugar in Kombucha?

  • 11 months ago

Here at Nourish'd we harp on about sugar a lot - we're all about balance so you won't hear us calling it the devil (We love a bit of the ol' Ben & Jerry's) - but we do believe that many of the major health concerns Australians are facing today come as a result of way over consumption of processed and refined sugars.

So why then, would we sell kombucha, that lists sugar as one of the main ingredients? Great question! We're here to bust some myths around sugar and kombucha. While sugar is one of the main ingredients in creating kombucha (it contains tea, sugar, yeast and SCOBY), by the end of the fermentation process, there should be little sugar left. The amount of sugar remaining is relative to the length of the fermentation process - how does this happen? The SCOBY ((symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that is used to create kombucha is live, and needs to eat something to do its thing.

Like all good humans, sugar is it's food of choice. Unlike all good humans, the sugar is great for the SCOBY, and allows it to thrive. A really great brewer will allow their kombucha to ferment until there is little to no sugar left - in other words, until it's all been eaten by their SCOBY. Which is what let us to Remedy Kombucha! Remedy conduct a long-aged brewing process, taking their time to brew out ALL of the sugar, not just some of it. They even test every batch to make sure. This is why they are the only kombucha have an official tick of approval from Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar program! So, now that we've got the sugar thing sorted, why should we be drinking this fermented deliciousness?

  • Kombucha is a rich source of probiotics - in other words, super awesome for your gut health.
  • If a great tea is used, all the benefits of tea are still in your drink.
  • Kombucha contains loads of great anti-oxidents
  • And our favourite, it is a delicious and healthy alternative to sugar loaded soft drinks. The ol' H2O is clearly our beverage of choice, but sometimes you just need something with flavour!

So there you have it - no sugar, awesome flavour, great for your gut - you can't go wrong! You can check out our full Remedy Range in our snack section HERE.

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