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Shoving the Sniffles

  • 11 months ago
With all us Aussies having been subjected to less than tropical temperatures over the last few months, it’s fair to say most of us have been dealing with some runny noses. You may think that flu season is almost over, but hold your horses because your immune system still needs some loving while the weather changes. The awkward time between winter and spring has left many overly optimistic peeps shivering in the evenings when they’ve decided it’s time to leave their jacket at home for saturday afternoon drinks. If you are keeping up on these immune friendly habits though, this little mistake won’t mean 3 days of sneezing and sniffling around (hopefully).
  1. Snoozing

We all know it's important, but having consistent good nights of sleep can mean the difference between being sick or not. Sleeping allows your body to recover and regenerate, as well as assimilating all your nutrients into its systems like immunity. Basically, if your body is tired how the fresh is it going to fight off the bugs? Yet another great excuse for a nap.

  1. Fruit

Starting your day with fresh fruit and snacking on it throughout the day not only is awesome for general nutrition, but also for boosting vitamin c levels. Vitamin C is the biggest and baddest when it comes to anti-inflammatory and flu fighting properties, combine with zinc and you’ve got yourself an immuno-superfood. Did you know strawberries have more Vit C than oranges? Or that pineapple breaks down mucus and can relieve a sore throat? You’re welcome.
  1. Get Moving

Not only do we want to exercise all year round for the fitness progress and general energy, moving your body in the colder months gets your blood pumping and flowing. As you’ve probably guessed by now, this is also great for immunity. Specifically the lymphatic system which relies on sweating and blood flow to eliminate toxins and keep you ready to fight off the next bug. Also, it means your body temperature gets warmer and you aren’t stuck in perpetual cold hands and feet mode.
  1. Hydration Station

It’s all about the water people! Just because it isn't boiling hot doesn’t mean you can leave the water bottle on the kitchen bench. Keep chugging that liquid. Even if you’re feeling those pesky tingles of a cold, drinking a whole lotta water means you’re less likely to get completely blocked up in your sinuses. Happy Days! These may seem like obvious tips, but it’s always good to have those timely reminders to keep you on track. Remember it’s not as complicated as it seems; stay active, stay nourished, stay hydrated and stay rested. You can do it!