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Get Healthy and Improve Your Career

  • 11 months ago

Let's face it... When you are not feeling well and healthy, your performance at work, at home or at any outside social event or activity/sport suffers on all levels. When you feel healthy, you are less stressed, you can sleep better, focus much clearer and therefore make better decisions.

Many workers in high level, leadership roles carry more stress and responsibility. They are usually overworked and usually neglect really important ( and simple) health choices like eating healthy, going to bed at a reasonable hour and drinking water. Often they skip meals, drink a thousand coffees, reach for the chocolate bar or chips in between meetings, and work late at night. This behaviour is seen by other staff and often noted as the only way to succeed. It the breeds bad habits for an entire office culture and produces poor productivity.

Businesses have a responsibility to encourage health and well being. Workers will perform better and get sick less often. It is time to encourage staff to take proper lunch breaks. Heck! we are all adults! Make that a choice you encourage for yourself. ( and don't eat at your desk for crying out loud!) Venture outside. Go for a short walk in the fresh air. You are entitled to a break. Take it. Thats what it is there for.

Try to eat at regular set times each day ( if possible) or carry healthy snacks to ensure you have fuel on the go between meetings. By improving the food you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will notice positive effects on your concentration and productivity at work. Food prep (by ordering Nourishd of Course!) and carry water and snacks, so you are less likely to buy crap takeaway food.

Whether you are a leader, or aspire to be a leader, be an example of inspiration to other staff. Set yourself boundaries to eat well at work and take those breaks and enjoy the benefits. Don't be like that CEO who ate crap and fell asleep at his desk, fell off his chair and was knocked un- conscious. Not cool. CHOOSE HEALTHY!!! #nourishthriverepeat