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How to Become a Morning Person

  • 11 months ago
Mornings can be hard! Like REALLY hard!!! I used to love mornings, but gradually my habits changed. Personally, I would hit snooze a million times in the morning when my alarm would go off. I would skip my morning work out and then frantically run late out the door, starting my day off like a frazzled mess. I would then get bogged down with chores/ work/ busy - ness of my day and find I had zero energy in the afternoon (or will power) which led to zero workouts. Sound familiar? Well, like me, you can apply these small changes to your routine so that you can get the best out of mornings, get that workout done, and set yourself up for a positive day!
  • Develop habits to get yourself to bed earlier - Try just going to bed 10 minutes earlier each night and waking up 10 minutes earlier. Give yourself a set time and gradually stretch it to 20/ 30 minutes ( or the amount of time you want to be up earlier) Giving yourself a bedtime routine can make a huge difference to changing habits. eg - warm bath or shower before bed, cup of camomile tea, meditate, read a book.
  • Less screen time before bed - This is a no brainer. Screen time means exposure to blue light which messes with your body clock. Its recommended to finish screen time 1 - 2 hours before bed. Then you will have a better sleep and have more energy in the morning.
  • Prep what you can the night before - So you have more time in the morning and are not rushed, lay out your gym clothes or pre make your breakfast and lunch so you are organised and ready to jump up and go.
  • Don't hit snooze - This is a BAD idea. Once you hit it once, you become addicted. Just get up and do it.
  • Don't look at social media until after you are ready and have done your workout. Social media is a huge time waster. If you look at it before you get out of bed, you are more likely to lay there longer than necessary, wasting valuable workout time. Restrict yourself or suddenly you will find yourself deep on Instagram looking at your cousins, best friends sisters trip to Vegas in 2014
  • Be positive and want to make the positive change. Mindset is everything!!!
Good luck and remember to stick at it for at least 30 days to really make a new habit stick.