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How to beat bloating in just 48 hours

  • 11 months ago

Sometimes we over indulge. It's not a crime. It happens people! But instead of feeling guilty, try these proven, easy to follow remedies and tips to get you feeling healthy again. Get rid of that yucky bloated feeling thats making you feel sluggish and enjoy a more comfortable tummy. These tips are great for over coming that afternoon snaccident, a weekend of too much of a good thing and help to get you on track in general.

1 - None of the Soft Drinks Stick to flat water only! No sugary drinks either or alcohol for the whole 48 hours. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon and a cucumber slice to infuse in your water can do wonders for bloating as well.

2- Get Moving Yeah I get it. You feel like crap. Because you are bloated. But even a 10 min walk can get your insides moving and feeling better again. Try to set some time to even go for a few 10 min walks in the 48 hours.

3- Ditch the Dairy Try to avoid dairy products for the 48 hours to help eliminate any further bloating. There are plenty of dairy alternatives out there like coconut yogurt, soy based cheese and nut milks. 

4- Cut refined Sugar A no brainer really! But no biscuits, chips, over processed foods for the 48 hours. It helps to decrease gut yeast and you will get that flatter, happier tummy vibe.

5 - Try Gluten Free and eat Nourish'd A lot of people are already reaping the benefits being gluten free and eating clean. Loads of people fall off the wagon and grab some gluten filled meals because they are convenient, filling and fast.  The key is preparation, which is what our meals are all about - keeping you prepared and on track. So try your best for 48 hours to go gluten free and your tummy will thank you for it.

6- Munch on Some Parsley Parsley rocks! It stimulates digestion and helps to eliminate toxins. It helps to prevent gas and bloating and also freshens your breath. Winning! Add it to your meals, steep it in your tea, or munch on a spring and reap the benefits. I hope you can beat the bloat and feel great again!