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Be a Goal-Digger: 3 Tips to SMASH your goals for the rest of 2019.

  • 11 months ago

There are 6 months left until 2020. Yup, 2020. We're officially living post hoverboards and flying cars (Back to the Future anyone?).

Now that we're 6 months into the year, now is not the time to give up on our goals - we're in the back end of a marathon, and it's time to dig deep and show 'em (read: yourself) what you're made of. Here are my (aka Boss Lady, aka CEO, aka Abbey) top tips to making stuff happen!

1. It's the baby steps that make the real difference

Setting big goals is awesome, but remembering that it's the little steps everyday that move us towards those goals, and not the giant leaps, is key. Write your goals down, then break them into monthly/weekly/daily manageable steps. Each morning tell yourself your goal, then write down what it is you're going to do that day to take another step towards it. This works for both life and career.

e.g. I really, really, really want to buy a concept two rower for my home gym - but it's expensive! So what am I doing today to move towards that goal? Rather than spend $4.5 on a coffee from the local, I'm going to make a delicious coffee at home, and save the cash. Tiny step, but over the course of a year that will save me about $700 - half the cost of the rower!

2. Have An Accountability Buddy

Kind of sounds lame, but honestly, sharing your goals with someone and knowing you are going to have to check in with them at the end of the month totally works! No one wants to show up and say 'well actually, I did nothing this month to improve my situation'. At work you likely have KPI's and regular check in's with your boss on how you're tracking - why not in life?

TOP TIP: Pick someone that will hold you accountable for your actions, not the person that will tell you it's all ok and you don't really need to achieve anything.

3. Take Care of Yourself, Everyday

I truly believe that the only person that is truly charged with taking care of you, is you. If you want to have a successful life (and success is defined by you, not society) you need to make sure you do the things every single day that allow you to thrive, and achieve those kick ass goals you've set. Decide each morning the one thing you're going to do for yourself that day that is going to enable you to live your best life - it might be actually taking a shower and washing your hair (holla to all the mumma's out there!), it might be getting in your five serves of veggies (I just happen to know a meal delivery service that can help you out with that ;)), it might be journalling or having a therapy session - seriously the list is endless, and doesn't have to be complicated. You know when you're listening to the safety demo on a plane and they tell you to mask up yourself before helping others - this is the same thing. Take care of you, then get out there and slay.


Welcome to the second innings team. Let's get out there and crush it!

Abbey is the Co-Founder & CEO of Nourish'd, Mama to 2yo Olive and 1yo Rafael (she really wasted no time there), wife of Nourish'd Co-Founder Dave, and major Goal Digger. Her purpose in life is to create beautiful human experiences by building sustainable, human focused businesses. And to drink allllllllllll of the coffee.